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How Much Do Soccer Referees Get Paid? Salary Revealed 2021

The salary for a referee ranges from $27 to $50 per youth game. The MLS pays $900 per game and the highest-paid referees are in Spain, they get $6,354 per game! During the financial year ended March 2018, United States Soccer generated just under three million dollars in referee registration and affiliation fees alone.

Pay Dates & Scale | Heartland Soccer Association

Game Age Level Center Referee Rate (Pay Per Game) Assistant Referee Rate (Pay Per Game) Miscellaneous; U08/U09/U10: $23.89: $16.48: U11/U12: $29.56: $18.77: U13/U14: $35.25: $23.89: U15/U16: $40.92: $29.56: U17/U18/U19: $47.18: $35.25: Stand by Referee: $12.00

How Much Does A Soccer Referee Make? [2021 Updated]

Non-elite referees can make between $1,000 – $3,000 per match. As assistant referees, elite officials make between $2,000 – $3,000 per match, whereas non-elite officials make between $350 – $750 per match. Besides the high compensation, refereeing UCL matches can be an element of prestige for a referee’s career.

Referee Pay Scale | Southwestern Youth Association

REFEREE PAY RATES. Referees are paid the following per-game rates for matches hosted and assigned by SYA Soccer. Payment is issued via check at the end of each season (e.g., in June following the Spring season, and in November/December following the Fall season). Referees who are paid $600 or more by SYA Soccer in a calendar year will receive an IRS 1099 tax form from SYA to file with their annual tax return.

MLS Referees Salaries 2021 Per Match Fees (Revealed)

Professional MLS Referee Salary ($850): Each year contract offered to match referees on base of their performance. According to reports a match referee get paid $500 to $850 per match. Total 816 matches played in MLS season each team play 34 matches. A referee with most games in a season make maximum $55,000 at the end of the season.

Referee Pay | Braddock Road Youth Club Recreational Soccer

4. Senior Referee Bonus: Referees certified at USSF Grade 7 or senior receive a $5.00 bonus per recreational game. 5. ODSL Bonus: Referees receive $5.00 per game in addition to the ODSL game fee. ODSL games do not count toward the recreational game bonuses. The Referee Director may occasionally award other bonuses as appropriate. ADMINISTRATIVE FEES. Officials are not assessed an administrative fee or fees for using the Game Officials referee scheduling system.

Referee Pay & game length - Northwest Ohio Youth Soccer League

Referee Pay Scale & Game Length Age Group Referee Fee Asst Ref. Fee Total $ per Game Game Length U8, U9, U10 $30 None $15.00 2/25 Minute Halves U11& U12 $34 $25 $42.00 2/30 Minute Halves U13, U14, U15 $40 $30 $50.00 2/35 Minute Halves

Referee Salaries: How Much Do Soccer Referees Make?

Professional referees in the United States’ Major League Soccer earn a salary based on their level of experience. Level four is the most experienced and earn a total of $875 per game, while assistant referees make $495 a game. 4th officials make $285 a game.