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List of Handball Positions Goalkeeper. Left back. Center back. Right back. Left winger. Center forward. Right winger. What is the best position to play in handball? In handball, the center back is usually the most...

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Introduction: Handball Positions. Handball Positions are defined by the specific skills of the players, according to their positioning on the court. The roles are: Goalkeeper, Central Backcourt, Side Backcourt, Winger and Pivot.

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The player in this handball position is also called the 'team point guard' - according to common handball terminology. So, the player would also handle any blocking roles made by the opposition's pivot, while the team is defending. Center players occupy the creative European handball positions of playmaker.

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Handball Positions for 7 Players Goalkeeper (Number 1). The goalkeeper is the player with the responsibility of defending the goal. He (or she) can do... Left and Right Back (3 & 6). The left and right backcourt players form a large part of the back line. They would usually... Handball Position ...


Position whose role is to prevent the ball from entering the net; this player is the only one allowed to touch the ball with the feet. handball Inflated ball usually covered with leather; it has a circumference of 21 in (women) to 24 in (men) and can be thrown, hit with the fist or dribbled.

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Handball is a team sport in which two teams of seven players (six outfield players and a goalkeeper) pass a ball with their hands, with the aim of throwing it into the opposing team’s goal to score.

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Teams consists of 6 court players and 1 goalkeeper with 9 substitutes. Any number of substitutions can be made at any time during the match. If the ball leaves the end of the court possession goes to the defending keeper. It touched by a defending player first, then a corner is awarded to the attacking team. There is no ‘shot clock’ in Handball.

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Offense Left and right wingman. These typically are fast players who excel at ball control and wide jumps from the outside of... Left and right backcourt. Goal attempts by these players are typically made by jumping high and shooting over the... Centre backcourt. A player with experience is ...