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Formula – How to calculate economy rate. Economy Rate = Runs Conceded ÷ Overs Bowled. Example. If a bowler bowled 52.5 overs and allowed 526 runs in that time, then: Economy Rate = 526 ÷ 52.5 Economy Rate = 8.06 Therefore, the bowler’s economy rate is 8.06. Economy Rate Resources. Wikipedia – Cricket Statistics and Economy Rate – Wikipedia’s entries on Economy Rate. Lord’s – The Laws of Cricket

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For example, a bowler conceding 31 runs from 10.2 overs (i.e. 10 overs and 2 balls), has an economy rate of 31/10.33333 = 3.0 runs per over. If the bowler then bowls again, conceding a further 20 runs from 5.5 overs (i.e. 5 overs and 5 balls), then overall they have conceded 51 runs from 16.1 overs, so their overall economy rate is 51/16.1667 = 3.15 runs per over.

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So, the lesser the Economy rate, the more economical the bowler has been in giving runs. Formula to calculate Bowling Economy Rate: If a bowler conceded 50 runs in his 10 overs, his economy-rate stands at 5.00. Real-time Example: Muttiah Muralitharan conceded 18,180 runs in the 7339.5 overs he bowled in Test Cricket. So his Economy Rate stays at –> 18180/7339.5 –>> 2.48. Hope our guide here helps you find what you came here for!

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Player: Mat: Balls: Runs: Wkts: Best: Avge: Econ: SR: 4 Wkt: 5 Wkt: Team: Joel Garner: 98: 5330: 2752: 146: 5/31: 18.84 3.09 36.50 2: 3: West Indies: Bob Willis: 64 ...

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Cricket Economy Rate Formula. Economy Rate is the number of runs they have conceded per over bowled. Economy Rate = Number of Runs Conceded / Number of Overs Bowled. The lower the economy rate is, the better the bowler is performing. It is one of a number of statistics used to compare cricket bowlers.

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Live Cricket Scores & News International Cricket Council ... Best Bowling Economy (Innings) Best Bowling Strike Rate; Best Bowling Figures (Innings) Filter by Team.

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Which bowler has the best economy rate in the death overs this season minimum 30 balls bowled&tournament=ipl in full detail, with cricket stats, records and other answers related to this question.

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The number of runs given by the baller are divided by the number of overs he's/she's bowled. For example, Bowler A has given 3 runs in an over. Therefore, his/her economy rate is 3/1 = 3.00. On another note, if bowler B has given 36 runs in 4 overs, his economy rate will be: 36/4 = 9.00.